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Monday, June 7

12 p.m. Job Search Masterclass Series with Margie Cherry, Alumni Career Services | Part I

If you’re new to job search or just need a refresher, join us for these live, interactive sessions with Lafayette’s alumni career coach. You’ll receive links to brief videos and resources prior to each session to discuss and implement.  You’ll come away with up-to the minute information on conducting a job search in 2021 and clear next steps to take. Register for one or both sessions.  

First session covers: Strategic Job Search and Communicate Your Value on Your Resume and LinkedIn

4 p.m. Artifacts from the Archives with Thomas Lannon, Director of Special Collections & Archives

A History of Lafayette College in 11 objects! Join the new Director of Special Collections & Archives on a journey through Lafayette College history and learn more about historical items from College Archives. Participants should expect to see altimeters, beanies, sweaters and more and discover how archival artifacts preserved in Skillman Library embody the evolving and important history of the college.

7 p.m. Reunion Week Kick-off with the Alumni Association

Start the week with Tracy Hagart Sutka ’82 P’17 and your Lafayette College Alumni Association. Expect a little trivia and opportunities for Reunion game codes (don’t know what that is? you will!)

8 p.m. A Shot in the Arm: The COVID Vaccines, and our Slow Climb Out of the Pandemic Pit with Dr. Glenn Rall ’85

It is generally thought that the arrival of protective vaccines against SARS CoV-2 will mark the beginning of the end phase of this pandemic. While progress in vaccine development has been truly remarkable, resulting in multiple safe and effective vaccines now in the to market, close to 50% of Americans say that they are not likely to get the vaccine. Where does this hesitancy come from, and—more importantly—what kinds of education can be put into place to refute false beliefs and provide concrete guidance for making a decision? Our discussion will focus on the basic biology of what vaccines “do” and an up-to-the-moment assessment of where we are, followed by a discussion of some of the existing societal concerns that might interfere with a speedy end to this national nightmare.

Tuesday, June 8

8 a.m. All Levels Yoga Flow with Maggie Woodward ’12

An all levels, Vinyasa flow to energize and move the body and breath. Connect with community and enjoy sequences aiming to release tension, calm the mind and leave you feeling nourished. Modifications will be offered to make the class accessible for all.

11 a.m. Mind of the Athlete: Clearer Mind, Better Performance with Dr. Jarrod Spencer ’96

Dr. Jarrod Spencer ’96 will share his story of how his time as a student athlete at Lafayette College set him on the path to becoming a sports psychologist. He will lead us in an interactive discussion on the mental health of today’s athletes and business leaders. The overarching theme of this session will be Dr. Spencer’s signature message of ‘clearer mind, better performance’. 

3 p.m. LZ X-Ray with Col (Ret.) Bob Edwards ’60

The Battle of Ia Drang was the first major battle between the United States Army and the People’s Army of Vietnam, also referred to as the North Vietnamese Army. Hear from US Army Col (Ret.) Bob Edwards ’60 as he recounts his involvement as a commander in the 1965 LZ X-Ray campaign at Ia Drang which was depicted in the subject of the best selling book – We Were Soldiers Once…And Young and then the movie We Were Soldiers. While not required, should attendees wish to learn more about the Battle of Ia Drang prior to his virtual talk, Edwards suggests reading the book which is much more factually accurate. Socializing following the talk may be divided into breakout rooms by class year if there are too many participants for a one room social.

4 p.m. Class of 1960 Virtual Gathering
4 p.m. Remembering 2020 with Professor Jennifer Talarico

How will we remember 2020? How will we recall the start and end of COVID-19? How will we remember the absence of events – vacations we didn’t take, traditions we couldn’t continue, recurring events that were cancelled? How will the memories of children or college students or essential workers or those at high-risk be different from other people’s memories? How will our personal experiences and social groups shape our memories? How will our emotions, both momentary and sustained, influence our recall of this time period? We will ask, and answer, these and related questions during this interactive session.

6 p.m. Adrienne de Noailles: The Extraordinary Life of Madame de Lafayette with Diane Shaw, Director Emerita of Special Collections & College Archives

Learn the dramatic and moving story of Lafayette’s wife, Adrienne de Noailles—a bride at age fourteen and a mother at sixteen—whose devotion to her husband and their shared causes, and whose courage and resourcefulness despite her unimaginable losses during the French Revolution, were the hallmarks of her life. Sponsored by the First Women of Lafayette to conclude the celebration of 50 years of Coeducation.

7 p.m. A Deep Taste of Cacao: From Fruit to Fruition with Easton’s Chocodiem

Cacao is the fruit harvested from the cocoa tree which taxonomically belongs to the genus Theobroma or ‘food of gods’ in Greek. Expect to learn about chocolate history, science, taste it and even how to pair it with the ‘drink of gods’. Your box of chocolates straight from Easton will arrive before the session but don’t dig in until Tuesday night. There’s a surprise in store, too!

8 p.m. Sharksploitation Movies: A JAWesome Experience with Professor Chip Nataro

What started out as a bit of a joke during the first days of the pandemic shutdown quickly evolved to become a labor of love. Sharksploitation films are movies where the central theme is sharks eating people. When the author first began this adventure, colleagues thought there would only be 20-30 of these movies. But over 100 movies were reviewed with several more unavailable in any form. There are great sharksploitation films such as Jaws. There are terrible sharksploitation films like Shark Exorcist. And then there are the great terrible films like the original Sharknado and House Shark. This session will focus on sharksploitation films, but will also address the author’s rationale for writing a book about it, You’re gonna need a bigger book.

Wednesday, June 9

9 a.m. Workout with Journey Fitness 

Start the summer off with a commitment to your health by joining Molly Sunderlin for fitness tips, and mini- or full-length workouts through the week. Ask questions, learn strategies for success, get a movement break in your day, or sweat it out through a whole workout…whatever helps you move forward.

12 p.m. Revolution and Revelation: the Musical Hamilton on Broadway with Professor Mary Jo Lodge

Associate Professor of Theater and musical theater scholar Mary Jo Lodge discusses her work in her new book, Dueling Grounds: Revolution and Revelation in the Musical “Hamilton”, which she co-edited with musicology Professor Paul R. Laird from the the University of Kansas, which was published in May of 2021 by Oxford University Press. The mega-hit Hamilton considers race, class, rap and history in new and exciting ways, and Lodge, who authored several chapters in the volume alongside essays on the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical by leading scholars from around the world in disciplines ranging from economics to ethnomusicology to dance and design, will discuss Hamilton, History and Heritage.

1:00 p.m. **DATE CHANGE ** Social Justice on Social Media with Professor Caroline Lee

This interactive presentation will explore the ways that new technologies have (and have not) changed strategies of social protest, with a special focus on how shifts in patterns of student protest at Lafayette reflect larger shifts in movement activity globally.

3 p.m. Kitchen Confidential with Lafayette Dining Services 

Ever wondered about the machine that runs Lafayette Dining Services? Take a behind the scenes look with Chris Brown, General Manager of Bon Appetit and John Soder, Executive Head Chef at the kitchens in Marquis, Farinon and Lafayette’s newest eatery: the Trolley Stop. They’ll (try) to answer all your burning questions about Dining from eating on Campus during COVID to sustainability efforts and much more. Spoiler: you’ll leave able to make your very own Gilbert’s Nachos!

3 p.m. Class of 1956 Virtual Gathering
4 p.m. I Want to be My Own Boss: What it takes to Successfully Own Your Own Business with Louise Coles ’81

In this post-Pandemic world, many are re-evaluating their day job and thinking about finally taking the leap to turn their great idea into a business. But what does this involve and mean? Owning your own business is not only about having a really great idea, but understanding all the roles you must perform, as well as activities, plans, and strategies that need to be developed to be successful. This session will address the ins and outs, myths and realities, and the resources available to those wanting to be their own boss.

7 p.m. State of the College with President Alison Byerly

Join President Alison Byerly as she offers her final State of the College address, sharing updates and reflections on an unprecedented year for Lafayette College and us all.

8 p.m. Save the Beer! with Dan ’04 & Virgina Carreno ’03

Climate change is impacting the price and taste of beer! Community by beer community, we are demanding action. Join us for a presentation on the impacts, solutions, and what you can do to help drive action. This event is hosted by Climate Reality Leaders, two of thousands of volunteers in 135 countries around the globe who have been personally trained by former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to educate the public about climate change.

Thursday, June 10

8 a.m. HIIT the Mat with Gerhartnustle

This HIIT cardio class is designed to increase strength and endurance with only a yoga mat sized space. No equipment necessary! Movement is medicine!

12 p.m. State of Sustainability at Lafayette with Delicia Nahman, Sustainability Director

Lafayette College is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Join Sustainability Director Delicia Nahman, and Assistant Director Lisa Miskelly, to learn about our progress towards carbon neutrality and sustainability efforts more generally. We will discuss operational, curricular, co-curricular and research efforts that aim to make the campus and community more just and verdant. Topics such as regenerative ecosystems, sustainable food loop, environmental justice, zero waste and circular economies will be touched upon.

2 p.m. An Introduction to Mindfulness with Dr. Julie Amato

Dr. Julie Amato is a sport and performance psychologist serving the athletes and coaches of Lafayette College. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness, how our athletes incorporate a mindful approach to their training, and some techniques to practice mindfulness in your daily life.

4 p.m. Self-Presentation in the Internet Age with Professor David Shulman

Self-presentation in the Internet era involves individuals using mechanical interfaces, incorporating new technical capacities into their messaging, increased risks of being stigmatized, and more marketing and commercialization of personal information. Further changes in self-presentation will arrive with greater integration of augmented reality into everyday life. This talk describes and examines these impacts of technologically mediated self-presentation.

7 p.m. Primetime Pards: Mark Holtzman ’80

Mark Holtzman ’80, vice president of non-baseball sports events at Yankee Stadium and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl, who was instrumental in the 150th Lafayette-Lehigh football game, is the featured Primetime Pards guest on Thursday, June 10, at 7 p.m. An economics major, Holtzman was sports director for student radio station WJRH and the voice of Lafayette basketball and football for three years. After leaving College Hill, he started off working for ProServ, a sports marketing firm, before becoming vice president of sports marketing at Reebok International from 1985-1993. He then spent the next 14 years as senior vice president of marketing and licensing at the National Football League before assuming his current position.
8 p.m. Thursday Night Social

A staple of Lafayette Reunions for a generation, we’re bringing Campus Pizza, Lambros and Kathy to you this virtual Reunion 2021. Dean’s Special? Chicken Parm? You’ll almost be able to smell your favorites and maybe even get some tips on how to make them at home.

Friday, June 11

ALL DAY Maroon Club Spot Trot 5K

Print out your official race bib and tie up your laces and walk, run or use your treadmill to complete the 5K Spot Trot on Friday, June 11. After you run your 5K please submit your photos and times via the Reunion Message Chat to compete with fellow competitors. We also ask that you please consider a donation of $20 to Support the Maroon Club and our amazing student-athletes.

12 p.m. Engineering Update with Scott Hummel, Jeffers Director of Engineering Division

Learn about the vision for the Engineering programs including the latest on renovations and an addition to the Acopian Engineering Center. Hear about the new Integrative Engineering program and the big strides the Engineering Division has made in diversity.

1 p.m. Job Search Masterclass Series with Margie Cherry, Alumni Career Services | Part II

If you’re new to job search or just need a refresher, join us for these live, interactive sessions with Lafayette’s alumni career coach. You’ll receive links to brief videos and resources prior to each session to discuss and implement.  You’ll come away with up-to the minute information on conducting a job search in 2021 and clear next steps to take. Register for one or both sessions.  

Second session covers: the Power of Relationships and Networking and Interviewing like a Pro

2 p.m. How to Enjoy a Kaleidoscope with Michael LeWitt ’70

Kaleidoscopes are no longer the cheap tin toys with plastic that we had as a kid.  They are now an advanced artform, created by craftspeople who work to exacting specifications with a wide variety of materials to create an image that is unique….and evanescent. Join Michael LeWitt, a 1970 graduate who retired as an emergency medicine physician to pick up woodworking as a hobby.

4 p.m. Campus Geology with Professor David Sunderlin

Reunion is about going back in time. How about WAY back in time – geologic time!

5 p.m. 2021 Reunion Class Happy Hours: 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016

2020 Reunion Class Happy Hours: 1955, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015

Catch up with classmates during an informal Class Happy Hour as we approach the end of Reunion week. Several classes plan to discuss plans for in-person gatherings this fall and next spring.

7 p.m. EMMA: A Pop Musical (rebroadcast from Fall 2020)

Reviewed by The Lafayette as “Impossible not to sing along” you won’t want to miss this exclusive rebroadcast of Lafayette’s fall 2020 performance of Emma. Emma is certain she knows what’s best for the love lives of her peers, and is determined to find the perfect boyfriend for shy sophomore Harriet by graduation. But will Emma’s relentless matchmaking get in the way of her own happiness? Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, this sparkling new jukebox musical has been created for virtual performance and features the hit songs of legendary girl groups and iconic female singers. Girl power and the internet have never sounded so good!

Saturday, June 12

11 a.m. Yoga through the Decades with Katie Hill ’20

This will be a fun, bright easy flow vinyasa class celebrating the power of community and connection all while listening to everyone’s favorite college jams. All you need is a mat, some blocks if you have them, and a smile! Be sure to add this session to your Reunion agenda so Katie can include all the decades to the mix!

12 p.m. From Secret Societies to Sororities: The Origins of Greek Life at Lafayette College, 1832 – 1980 | Video

Learn about the roots of the Greek system on College Hill and view historic artifacts, photographs, and ephemera from Lafayette’s Special Collections.

2 p.m. Lafayette’s Extraordinary Gems | Video

This “can’t miss” video offers a virtual tour of some of Lafayette’s extraordinary gems. Go behind the scenes and hear from campus experts about intriguing spaces and artifacts that few people get to see.

7 p.m. Spring Performance Showcase: Presented by the Department of Music, and the Marquis Society, Porter Society, & Fleck Consistent Giving Society | Video

Experience a mini concert series through this collection of video clips from the various performances across the Music Department from the Spring 2021 semester. This video is available for viewing at any time throughout the week, so we welcome you to enjoy highlights from Lafayette’s bands, ensembles and choirs at a time that works best for you. 

8 p.m. Wines of Summer with Serena Zelezny of What Am I Drinking?

Join Serena Zelezny of What Am I Drinking? as she guides participants through a tasting of wines perfect for warm, celebratory days of summer. A list of wines to purchase on your own for the tasting will be provided.Zelezny is a certified specialist of wine and active member with the Society of Wine Educators, a 2020 Diploma in Wines candidate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and studying for her French Wine Scholar and Certified Wine Educator exams. Zelezny will guide us through wine tasting technique and the summery characteristics of Albariño, Grenache rosé, and Pinot Noir. Be sure to bring all your wine questions and a glass of wine. Here are a few recommendations from Zelezny:

Martin Codax
La Cana
Grenache-based Rosé
Minuty M Côtes de Provence
Whispering Angel
Pinot Noir
Martin Ray

Sunday, June 13

12 p.m. AGD Virtual Brunch

Members of AGD are invited to join a virtual brunch to reconnect.

* Schedule subject to change. Please check back frequently.