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Details will be added as we near our 10th Reunion planned for June 10 -12, 2011.

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please contact your Reunion Chair, Nicholas Groch at g_rock101@hotmail.com.

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Class of 2001 Reunion Attendees

Ingelsby, Paige
Julin, George Amy Julin 2001
Sarene Julin
Jacob Julin
Snyder, Jessica Nathan Snyder
Claire Snyder
Gretchen Snyder
Andreski, Nancy Lucie Andreski
Adam Andreski 2000
Ben Andreski
Rose Andreski
Luth Richter, Jessika Jens Richter
Royster, Sue Mark Royster
Spitalny, Beth
Ruggiero, Michelle Matthew Bishop 2002
Filingeri, Nicole
D’Amelio, John Kathleen Beitzel
Dunn, Lisa Brian Dunn
Brayden Dunn
Waxman, Rebecca Jeffrey Wuhl
Westgate, Elizabeth Arthur Lathers 2001
Landis, Todd Jennifer Handley
Stotler, Andrew Jessica Alvarez-Calderon 2001
Kirsch, Kimberly
Battle, Morgan
Mischner, Meredith
Conlan, Krystin
Munster, Kathleen
Zahn, Krista Greg Fasold
Hedden, William
Hofmann, William
Marzolf, Lauren
Albano, Lauren
Zipser, Melissa
Rowe, Meghan
Groch, Nicholas
Weinman, Erin
Ruggles, Jacob Janel Ruggles
Jordyn Ruggles
Mia Ruggles
Hedley, Peter
Bromby, Kevin

Attendees final  updated list for Reunion  6/6/11 @ 11:12 am